Client: [ Bompas & Parr ]


Campaign: [ Chocolate Tasting Pod ]


Brand: [ Thorntons ]


Bompas and Parr sought our help to create an immersive Chocolate Tasting Pod designed to help customers discover their perfect chocolate. Five new flavours have been introduced to Thorntons Continental Collection and our goal was to help chocolate lovers discover their best match.


The user is strapped into the bespoke seat where they are given high quality headphones and an EEG headband, then asked a series of questions to establish what chocolate is best suited to them. Upon answering, the seat elevates the user into a sensory deprivation pod where they are completely cut off from all distractions. Their perfect chocolate is presented by a mechanical arm, straight into the mouth.


All senses are suppressed barring the most important one, taste. The user experiences a vibrant LED light display directly influenced by their own reaction to the flavour; making the experience entirely personal to every individual.


Photography by Bompas and Parr


Video of one of the events:




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